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ikigai [eye-KEY-guy]: What makes life most worth living

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We all desire to have our lives ‘catch fire and burn blue’—to live a life that takes us to the edge of our horizons and enlarges us and others. Our task is to identify its signals—and develop the courage to step boldly toward it.

This is the work of i∙ki∙gai—a practical journey toward meaningful work and a spiritual passage into a ‘big-enough’ life. 

what we do
Am I using myself to the utmost?  What kind of world do I want to leave for others?  What is the path that best would allow me to live an authentic, generous life?

In "What Should I Do with My Life?" workshops, we offer a sanctuary of time and attention to allow you to dig deeply and listen alertly for the answers that most of us are, otherwise, too busy to hear or too distracted to honor. You’ll leave with focus and equipped with the essential tools for discovering and claiming your life and your work..

who we are
Extensive training in psychology and counseling (including the multi-cultural psychologies of well-being) and in-depth exposure to some of the world’s great philosophical, literary and spiritual traditions have prepared us to offer important insights on how to discover your authentic life’s work and live life most fully.

In addition to more than four decades of success developing and facilitating award-winning workshops and programs, the principal facilitator brings twenty-five years’ experience guiding others through what has been called “the great task of any life”—discovering the livelihood (and life) that nourishes and enlivens while offering something unique to the world.

Click here for more on principal facilitator, Nancy Spence, Ph.D.

Click here for more on our Cincinnati "What Should I Do with My Life?" workshop series.

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